E’s newest passion has been learning to sing.  He spent most of the weekend surfing YouTube, checking out performances of his favorite songs by other enthusiasts.  I heard weird sounds coming out of his room last night, but I assumed that it was random tennis ardor.

So, tonight, after he came home from work, Tyoma and I were sitting at the table eating dinner when he let walked in the house and let out a whoop.

Egor: “Whooooooooo!
(Tyoma & Me): *shocked silence and stares*
Egor: *puts down lunchbox* “Whooo– Oh, sorry!  I’ve been doing these voice exercises all day. The guys at the desks next to me must think that I’ve lost my mind.”
Me: “Oh. Going ‘Whooo’ is a voice exercise?”
Tyoma: *shocked silence continues*
Egor:”Yes! I saw it on YouTube! I’m trying to build my range.”
Me: “I see.”
E: “Whooooooooooo!

The whoops continued at random intervals for the rest of the evening.  Tyoma, playing is his room while papa whooped, would yell: “Stop that!  Stop that singing!!!”

Egor, a reserved and conventional person–the sort who wears button down shirts and unfussy shoes, was not the sort you’d suspect of making funny noises. That’s my job! He practiced with touching sincerity, unself-consciously singing out lusty “Whoooooooos” all evening long.

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