>Another Snow Day

>Whew. So here we are again, drifting through another snow day. T seems to be feeling well which is a quite a relief after the series of colds/bugs he has had since school started again. E is downstairs quibbling with T over the next activity to play. I suspect that I need to print out a mid-morning schedule.  Thank heavens for Boardmaker!

I must say, never underestimate the power of a simple toy for a child. I picked up a tally counter for the little guy. I gave it to him as a “snow day treat” and he has been counting everything in sight. My original plan was to use the counter as a motivator to eat, but it’s become much bigger than that. This morning he counted up the number of “book cubes” we have as well as items of furniture and socks on the floor.

Papa needs to blow snow out of the drive way, after about five inches our pissy snow thrower chokes.

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