Second Playdate

We went for Tyoma’s second play date with Betty today. Loni called a week ago and I immediately went out and stocked up on  stickers and number post-its for the occasion. Betty’s brother Bobby was present this time as well. I was looking forward to seeing Loni and having adult conversation, but Tyoma kept interrupting. Bobby, while enthusiastic and genuinely interested in T, was in his space a bit much and the added stimulation made him clingy. Plus, Loni chatted on the phone for a while adding to his disorganization. Hmm. Forty five minutes into the play date, Tyoma announced that it was time to go home. I tried reading and playing along to keep him for the whole hour and we managed to make it. I think that It was a good idea to have Bobby along, it will help Tyoma to learn how to socialize better plus, he really needs to have some playtime with boys. Boys are noisier and more active than girls and Loni’s place is a safe place to learn.

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