Bus Ride, Day Two

Today Papa grabbed the camera to document day two of the Great Short Bus Adventure. Live gave his goofiest grin for posterity and we cheered as he drove off. I worried he would have problems, but he enjoys the ride and comes home calmer than when I drive him. The boat-like swaying of the bus soothes him.

I am happy this is working out, yet I feel guilty because the bulk of his day is at school. That’s eight hours. Eight hours!

When I first realized this, I sunk into a funk. I quit my job to be a mom. I visualized the quality time I would spend with my child and how I would help prepare him for an amazing, balanced life. After brooding for most of the day, I got over it.

Liev cycles through nine teachers and twelve peers each day. He needs playmates, plural, playmates, and structure. I work phenomenally hard to provide structure and routine, but there is no way I can meet his socialization needs. I cannot replace the twelve kids that play by his side. One day, Liev will graduate to public school and the skill and tolerance he has gained here will benefit him.

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