First Day on the Bus

Today Liev rode the bus for the first time! It went well, I wondered why I kept him off of it for so long!

After yet another snow day, I was so very pleased to see him on his way. Nevertheless, I was shocked by how early the bus left, since it puts him on board for about an hour. I figured that it would be okay since the coming and going of friends and the routine of the process would entertain and soothe him. Besides, we would frequently leave for school very early to drive and talk.

A very nice thing happened in the morning. At 8:00 my friend Ashleigh called to tell me that she saw Liev and that he was doing well. I was deeply touched by her concern and thoughtfulness. I look forward to seeing her this weekend at one of her fun parties.

Anyway, Liev came home tired but jazzed over his experience. He told me that I am never driving him to school in my “sad car” again. Yay!

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