A Day to Ourselves

What a relief it was to get Liev back to school! He was a sweetheart getting ready this morning as if he too was relieved the long break was over.  Unfortunately, the complaints about his classmate, Maureen, continue, and getting him to eat a respectable dinner was a chore.

Egor spent most of the morning by himself–playing guitar and whooshing the vacuum cleaner around my feet. I surfed and collated my zentangle notebook, noting how I love to collect and sort. Will I use the new zentangle patterns? Maybe. Nevertheless. I am so grateful to all those who share, their patterns, although I have nothing to return.

Well, I can share an art journal. The pressure to fit in for me, for my son, can be overwhelming. Acceptance is the key to self-esteem. Growth as a person is easier when you can focus your energy on changes that matter. Sometimes societal expectations seem arbitrary as if people are a commodity instead of individuals.

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