First Day of School

Double Whammy! Egor is off to New Mexico for the week, and Liev started his first day of school. With Tanya here so soon, my head is spinning. I haven’t even considered the milestone that unfolded this morning. Life is a whizzing blur like a green streak of trees seen through a windshield. I drive, following yellow lines, monotonous and laid out for the masses. No trail-blazing here.

Liev refused food today, but I put that up to nerves for the first day of school. Does he understand what school means? So much change. Papa is gone, Tanya is here, I am anxious. Does he not eat that like a meal? I spoke to Ms. Jerri about Liev’s behavior, his trouble sleeping, nose-wiping and biting. She suggested that I have a little wind-down list of things for him to do when he comes home from school today. I hope I can help him to feel better.

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