Open House

I am such a goof. Liev was cranky and not his best so I left him at home while I went to the school’s open house. I was loving my groovy new shag, though I want to invest in some real highlights. My hair feels like straw with the bottle and the color washes out in a few weeks and overall, it looks too orangey.

Anyway, I was feeling good. It was nice to see the other moms, but I tell you, I am one awkward mother-f*****. I stammer, wiggle and fight myself to shut up when talking to others. It is a real struggle. I feel lost and don’t know what to say. The moment someone asks me how I am, my mouth is off and running. Preventing myself from blabbing on and on is real work. I do better with friends, for sure. New people are freaky. I can relax when I know someone and like them.

It was nice to see some of Liev’s classmates and Ms. Jerri again. I spoke to her about some of the behavior problems Liev has been having and she thinks that the stress of having someone new in the house is the culprit. Sigh. Maybe we all are sensitive.  And to top it all off, E is going to New Mexico for several days next week. That will be even more change around the house. I am trying not to think about it right now!

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