E’s mom arrived from Moscow Russia today. She will be staying with us for a month and then her husband and E’s brother Andrei will come for a week then the whole family is off to Philadelphia for an indeterminate period of time. I’m very excited about the visit, but also anxious. Since we got rid of the souska, he has been anxious, and when she visits he has sleep and behavior problems. I try to remind TF about this, but he seems to forget and downplays my concerns.

Realistically, he’s probably right. I tend to fret and worry needlessly all the time. I went over the notes that Dr. Bollick gave me a few weeks ago. Mom helped me pic up some Russian\English picture dictionaries and flash cards. T’s already interested in them, so this could be a great deal of fun. But still, I worry.  School’s coming up and that means stress and sickness. Sigh.

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