Milestone: Crib to Toddler Bed

toddler bedIn keeping with our summer of change plan, phase one has begun–Goodbye Baby Crib.

We are starting a few weeks before summer school, so T isn’t facing too much change at once. Our winters are a crush of colds, tummy bugs and flus, so this is the best time to move out of the crib and do away with the souska. So here we go.

I picked up a toddler bed at Target (of course). It is a flimsy thing, but I don’t think we will use it too long. T is huge and dwarfs the mattress. If I could have found an affordable twin low to the ground with sides, I’d have bought it.

Ah, well.

Probably we’ll upgrade to a twin from Ikea in the future.

Anyway, I bought two red pillows and a red blanket so he could have a “big boy bed” like Skippy Jon Jones, one of his heroes. He was jazzed beyond belief, when he saw his new bed and planets stickers on the walls. He dashed around the room yelling:

“I have a big boy room now! No more baby crib!”

final days of souska

The excitement continued even after I tucked him in, but he managed to pass out within twenty minutes–right in bed!

T was so excited that he brought a quantity of books and toys into his new space!

Next up: Farewell to the pacifier!

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