Lady Slippers and Photo-memories

photoWhat a lovely day in the forest! It was nice to have a camera on hand to capture orchids on film. Well, digital media!

Since my folks love them, I was pleased to share with them.

Photography has come such a long way since I was a child. I remember how much work my parents put into their craft. Photography was more than equipment, which they saved and saved for, it was the hours they put into practicing and perfecting every skill. Dad spent weeks calculating sophisticated timing, lighting, distance,exposure, and aperture charts. This information was then tested on various films, lenses, and cameras so he and Mom would know the exact variables for perfect results.

Every roll of film was sent off to a lab, often in big batches causing anxiety over potential loss. Nail-biting and general fretfulness loomed over the house until the magic day the film came in. Mom and Dad would retire to the darkened dining room (used only during holidays), snap on their tiered slide sorter and begin viewing.

I held my breath and paced in the background, knowing their results would effect the household mood for weeks, or even months. Many times their trips to the Caribbean, Honduras, or Mexico turned out so well that we all drank champagne and celebrated with filet mignon diners or jumbo-shrimp luauas in the projection room.

One awful year, a camera malfunction cost them almost every photograph they took in Australia. Mom and Dad were heartbroken. Trips like that come once or twice in a lifetime. I felt so bad for them.

Fortunately, the two of them dusted themselves off and planned their next trip. Resilience is awesome.

Pink Lady Slipper So here is my one not-too-crappy-slightly-photoshopped orchid picture. Quite humble by comparison! And definitely easier to snap, publish and share!

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