The Evaluation is Rescheduled


The evaluation team that would meet with us on Monday called. Much to my surprise I discovered we were to take Liev to Manchester for an evaluation and that the entire process could top three hours.

Horrors!  I expected a shorter meeting at our home. One specialist was supposed to pay us a home visit last November (but never did). Sigh. Anyway, our appointment was late enough in the afternoon that I rescheduled for June 12 at 8:30 a.m.

Egor was in the room with me when I called to reschedule. Wild hand waving calmed me down as I spoke. I can be shrill and unintelligible when rattled. I was pissed nobody took five minutes to let me know what to expect.

The specialist said she would call me Monday/Tuesday and meet Liev and me in person. She had that lazy-bored tone of voice that suggested she won’t follow through unless pestered. Getting caught by surprise is embarrassing, but all of Liev’s other evaluations have been here, so I just assumed. Sigh.

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