The Evaluation is Rescheduled

embarAfter last weekend’s fun at the park we decided to go for another visit and this time Egor brought the video camera.

On an unrelated note, the evaluation team that was going to meet with us on Monday called. I found out, much to my surprise, that we were to take Tyoma to Manchester for an evaluation and that the whole process could top three hours.

I was astonished.  I expected a shorter meeting at our home. In fact, one of the specialists was supposed to pay us a home visit last November (but never did). Sigh. Anyway, out appointment was late enough in the afternoon that I rescheduled for June 12 at 8:30 a.m.

E was in the room with me when I called to reschedule. Wild hand waving commenced to calm me down as I spoke. I can be shrill and unintelligible when rattled. I was pissed that nobody took five minutes to let me know what to expect.

The specialist said she would call me Monday/Tuesday and meet Tyoma and me in person. She had that lazy-bored tone  of voice that suggested she won’t follow through unless pestered. Getting caught by surprise is embarrassing, but all of Tyoma’s other evaluations have been here, so I just assumed. Sigh.

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