What! It’s Easter?! (AKA: Getting Ready For Our Trips)

Today, Egor and I spent our day preparing for our trips–his to Florida for a conference and mine to Boston with Mom and Liev. E’s packing is simple: insert ironed clothes, insert tiny toiletries. Voilà! Packed.

On my end, it’s complicated:

  1. 56-pound scooter and 25-pound charger.
  2. Liev’s 15-pound playpen.
  3. Pushchair and accessories.
  4. Food Liev will eat: yogurts, applesauce, and a case of Stage 3 “Lil Bits” baby food.
  5. Box electronic toys, 30 books, diapers, cute clothes, and enough sterilizing solution to keep Mom happy.
  6. My stuff. Be sure to include enough undies to change three times a day plus copious ratty dresses for comfort.
  7. Cameras and a large assortment of cables.
  8. DVD player, Liev’s favorite DVDs and my computer.
  9. Mom’s two boxes of mysterious miscellany, certain to contain two cannisters Mentholatum, a warehouse sized box of Mucinex, and ten pairs of socks that will come in handy when I forget mine.

Sheesh!  As if we were going on a 10-day safari in Africa and not Boston! In truth, I’ m apprehensive about driving in Boston. Can I find my way around the historic center of town, even with the GPS? Nothing but pubs, shoe stores and more pubs. Since no corner Walgreen’s revealed itself on my internet searches, I’d better bring everything I can conceive of! With Mom here to oversee, I’m mostly packed and organized.

During Liev’s “nap” I colored Mom’s hair. Since she prefers a specific mellow sandy-brunette, I tracked down her favorite brand and color number.  Unfortunately, the vicissitudes of packaging misled me because her hair turned out super dark. Like charcoal-brown dark. Women in their mid-sixties can rock dark hair when they want to make a statement. Mom’s statement was “Augh! This is too unnatural! I look ridiculous!” We tried washing it out, to no avail.  Poor Mom!

To distract ourselves, we planned an Easter Egg Hunt for Liev. We filled a dozen plastic eggs with tiny candies, toys, and written clues. How amazing that he can read better than he speaks! Following the clues will lead him to a special surprise-Bananagrams! He will have fun spelling with them if he can keep them out of his mouth!

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