What! It’s Easter?! (AKA: Getting Ready For Our Trips)

Egor and I spent our day preparing for our trips–his to Florida for a laser-hoober-joob conference and mine to Boston with Mom and Tyoma. E’s job was fairly simple, his clothes were ready and toiletries packed. A quick zip, and he’s good to go.

On my end, I feel things are a bit more complicated:

  1. Pack the scooter and charger.
  2. Pack Tyoma’s playpen.
  3. Pack stroller and accessories.
  4. Pack Tyoma food.
  5. Pack toys, books, clothes, diapers, and so on.
  6. Pack my load of stuff.
  7. Pack cameras.
  8. Pack DVD, computer, etc….

Sheesh!  As if we were going on a 10 day safari in Africa. I’ m apprehensive about driving in Boston. Even with the GPS, I can imagine trying to find my way around the historic center of town. Everything will be pubs, shoe stores and coffee shops. No corner Walgreen’s. Better bring everything I can conceive of! Anyway, I’m mostly packed and pretty organized. During Tyoma’s “nap” I helped mom color her  hair and then we are going to do an Easter Egg Hunt. We filled plastic eggs with little candies, treats and written clues. If he can follow the clues, he will get a special surprise (bananagrams). It’ll be fun!!!

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