Egor treated me to an early birthday present! He took me to Best Buy and he purchased a GPS for my upcoming trip to Boston!

The staff was moderately helpful, but I felt acutely aware of being a customer. A tired and hassled young clerk made every effort to be cordial and patient, answering questions he must have responded to hundreds of times before. I sensed the drudgery below his forced smile. Egor probed him without mercy. The young man peered at me as if I had the cyanide capsules to end his pain.

After our long discussion, the GPS we selected was not in stock. I thought the clerk was going to bang his head on the glass display case since it took us so long to select a model.  We chose a second one quickly. The whole process worked very well for us since the second GPS was the same price and had better features.

We used my new toy to drive home and found we can select the voice that gives driving directions. I chose the male Don Pardo voice over the female phone operator voice. “It’s Saturrdayy Niiiight Liiiive!!!” all the way home. The best thing we discovered was that the GPS recalculates your route instantly if you get off track. This is probably a no-brainer for the tech savvy, but I can imagine myself in Boston making 100 wrong turns, waiting for the damn thing to tell me the right way to go and winding up in Georgia as a consequence.

A final funny moment–Egor made a rapid succession of turns to test the device. It responded with a succession of “route recalculation” announcements, each interrupting the previous announcement, giving the device the appearance of stammering anxiousness. Egor chuckled and said, “Hold on, little guy!” in such an encouraging and endearing way. I laughed all the way home.

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