Dentist and Scooter

Tyoma was so surprised to see Grandma this morning! I’ve told him about her visit for weeks, but now she’s here! When he saw her, he gasped and shouted, “Gramma!!!” After initial greetings, she gave him the first of many presents, an ice cream play set. This was a big hit, especially after he discovered that the colors of each cone were printed on the reverse of each scoop!

icecreamWe had fun talking about the colors and flavors of the ice cream. I am still reeling from Mom’s ability to invent captivating games for Tyoma. She slurps imaginary ice cream with such humor and animation that I feel like Spock’s placid cousin by comparison.

Mom decided to teach Tyoma the concept of “favorite.” I’m not so sure that he understands that as well as he does spelling, which he is still obsessed with! Yet, she is so engaging! She had him spell “favorite!” I suspect I suck at mothering!

Over lunchtime I picked up Mom’s scooter, a sleek red number that fortunately breaks down into pieces that are less than 40 pounds each.

After that I went to the dentist, which I dread. It wasn’t too bad, a relief to have it over for another six months. When I came home, I felt cranky and tired.

I immediately obsessed over putting the scooter together. After much irritability, cursing and the dropping of scooter parts on bare feet, I assembled it. Tyoma was delighted to take rides around downstairs. It will be perfect for our trip to Boston!!!

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