Grandma’s Here!

Mom arrived late this evening since her original flight to Boston was canceled. She suspects that the airlines are trying to save money by shifting passengers onto later flights. On one hand, it’s good to save fuel and resources by running less flights. On the other, a practice like this sucks since you don’t get advance notice to plan your day of travel.

Are airline consumers so docile that they can be shifted around like this? No wonder the airline passenger’s bill of rights is on it’s way to becoming legislation. So mom got in late tonight. After gabbing for a bit and calling dad to let him know she made it in one piece, I brought her in to see monster baby. We both laughed over the incongruityof his huge frame occupying and infant’s crib. His body is ready for a twin bed, but his maturity is firmly in toddlerhood. We’d have to nail his door shut at night!

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