The Horror of Hair Washing

Baby in Tub

If you had a video recording of bath time, you’d swear I was pouring battery acid on my son instead of water. He HATES having his hair washed.

So, I give baths just often enough to keep typhus and cholera at bay. Hair-washing sessions are reserved for epic filth.

It’s been many weeks since Liev’s last shampoo, so it’s time.

Strangely, he does like to pour water over his own head, but not in the context of shampooing. Could it be a control issue?

One day, I hope he can rinse himself. Dousing him with tiny cupfuls and watching him get the screaming-squirmy shakes is awful.

I read about other mothers with similar struggles and how they want to (need to!) bathe their children daily. I can’t imagine forcing something so consistently abhorrent to my child, on my child.

As fastidious as our family is, germs are healthy. Little backsides don’t need to be autoclaved. Little scalps don’t need to be scrubbed. They say pick your battles. I’ll pick my bath times.

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