Egor and I drove to our favorite coffee place, JR Beaners, only to find that the “closed for the season” notice morphed into a “closed for restructuring,” i.e., “closed forever because we were too good to be true.”

The sentimental “Thanks for being our customers, see you soon…” note posted to the front door had a subtle finality to it, as if somebody’s wife wrote it to buoy fallen family spirits. We went to Panera instead, a franchise with predictably decent coffee and sweets. Sitting at a tiny, shiny table, we discussed the success of Dunkin’ Donuts on the east coast.

For a close to a buck, you get a good cup of coffee. Starbucks is expensive and serves the ashy-tasting type of coffee that trickles out of cheap hotel room coffeemakers. No wonder so many Starbucks are closing. Liev enjoyed his day at Olga’s, but when I picked him up, I noticed that Olga looked harried.

Oh noes! She confessed that three kids vying for her attention at once was trying. I felt very sorry for her and suggested that I bring Liev over when her older daughter is in preschool. We’ll figure it out. Mom is coming, and we will be enjoying a few weeks of vacation.

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