>Since Grandma will be here next week I took Tyoma for his first haircut since Halloween (almost 5 months!!!). Over the summer I had him buzzed pretty regularly, but with his hat aversion, I kept his hair long over the winter months. We went to Snip-its, since the past few haircuts at JC Penney have been a trifle unfortunate.

Alas! I remembered why we went to JCP.

Reminiscent of Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Snip-its  décor featured ultra-vivid colors and swirly, fanciful furniture. The kid-friendly videos they blasted out of their army of tiny suspended television sets even sounded like a hundred singing Ooompa-Loompas. No candy though. I reckon the place is perfect for the status-conscious six year old. Not so much for squirmy 2 1/2 year olds.

I wish you could have seen the look of horror on the stylist’s face when I requested the televisions off and a private salon chair so Tyoma could sit on my lap as she cut his hair. Her expression was not quite as dramatically terrified as a person hurtling down the highest peak of a notorious rollercoaster, but it was certainly more appalled than a someone watching Hostel for the first time. Was I really that demanding and bossy? Or maybe other toddlers screamed to wake the dead, and she knew by my wild eyes that this was some serious business?

Anyway, I explained that Tyoma is gifted, but sensitive and that he will quickly get over the haircut process if he is distracted. Poor girl almost dropped her scissors when he stated to squirm, but I reassured her that I would tip generously. I reckon this was all she really needed to hear, because things went swimmingly after that. Spelling colors and numbers, Tyoma even relaxed enough to laugh and smile at her. She gave him a fabulous cut and I hope she will work with us in the future. Yay!

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