The Phonecall

Karen Arnold

Sunday I worked up the nerve to call the Russian babysitter.

Originally, Egor was going to call (the message was posted in Russian, after all), but he didn’t feel comfortable talking to her. I argued that I didn’t feel comfortable calling either. Then we had a laugh. No wonder Liev has social delays!

I was so nervous!!! I even wrote out a little script for the whole conversation. The only thing I didn’t plan to ask her was the color of her parachute!!! I called.  I felt anxious and excited, pacing with my well-thought-out list of twenty questions. Heh. When we chatted, I heard anxiety and excitement in her voice, too.

I crossed out fifteen questions on principle. Two questions later, I set up an appointment to meet her this Wednesday. Sometimes, you get a feeling from someone, a simpatico thing. Yeah. I liked her already. One thing mildly surprised me. When she first mentioned her “partner” I didn’t get that she was gay. It took three more mentions before I understood.

The mild surprise? That I didn’t get it in the first place. Probably because to me, such things don’t matter. Which is cool. Actually, super cool for Liev since he gets lots of female nurturing–two moms, two daughters, and a grandma!

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