Farewell Daycare

This will be our last week of KinderCare. Liev has been away for three weeks, and he is doing well. TI will miss the 12 hours of free time per week and I worry about coping with constant caretaking.

Without relatives to give a reprieve, will I perish from overwork or grind myself into depression? Naw. But I was grateful to family and KinderCare when I was ill with the flu. My feeblest efforts were not enough, and Egor had to work.

Perhaps that is why so many kids come to KinderCare sick. Other parents struggle, too. Liev seems healthy and happy. Complete and relaxed. This is the right decision. My only worry now is how to keep him interacting with other children. Soon, this will be most of his day! He runs amok at the public library, bookstore, and the places with gentle peer interaction. Storytime doesn’t hold his interest, he runs off ,and crowded playgrounds make him cry. I will call the Russian babysitter with two young daughters and see what we can do. It’s a start.

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