Parent Teacher Conference

Tuesday, I had a meeting with Liev’s preschool teachers, Miss Rhoda and Ms. Sue (who had to leave early). I was surprised by the developmental assessment I was given, which showed very little improvement since the last meeting in November.

Although it was reported that he been interacting more, and showed improved listening, speaking, vocabulary and skills, the report did not match up with the verbal or written reports I was given when I picked him up from school. *deep breath* For example, Ms. Rhoda had reported that he was “nowhere near” forming friendships when she had actually reported a friendship forming in our November meeting (the child turned three and was moved to another classroom).

Additionally, I have seen him playing alongside the same little girl more than once. I suspect that the winter holidays, in combination with illnesses (the teachers and Liev’s) have resulted in a lack of quality teacher/student interaction and thus the discrepancy between reports. Also, they could be underpaid and overworked, or perhaps even dimwitted and inattentive. I am open to all possibilities.

Nevertheless, we were in complete agreement on a few important points. Both teachers agreed that Liev performs his best when only 2 or 3 students share the same space with him. Having taken Liev to many parks and play areas, I completely agree. So I am seriously considering taking him out of KinderCare. Why have him stuffed in a classroom with 12 students and two teachers when he does better with one teacher and two peers?

We can find something better for him. And you know, I’m pissed. How many times did I pick him up and hear accolades on his progress? How many half-assed communications did they send me telling me everything was wonderful? I agreed with their developmental assessment from three months ago. This one doesn’t ring true. WFT.

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