Another Week at Home

I called at Kindercare today and found out that they are still experiencing norvovirus. The director, who ignores me and works on her computer/shuffles papers when I am trying to communicate with her downplayed the outbreak.

She is a scruffy thing, thin with pale straw blonde hair, about 47, I imagine. If I stood next to her in line at the grocery store I wouldn’t give her a second thought. She would be one of those faceless other-people that buffer you all day long. However, on the phone, with a bit of authority in her, she takes on the greasy smoothness of bureaucrats with modest power–the woman at the DMV that asks you take a number if there are only two of you in the building.

Anyway, no preschool for Tyoma this week. Last week went well. I missed my down time, but the payoff of having Tyoma (and the rest of us) well was awesome.

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