Holy Crap, Here’s Your Influenza

Poor, poor Egor!!! After his Mama left, he came down with my horrible flu. And I mean horrible. I have never seen him this ill. Fever of 102, chills, sweats, aches, nausea. I put spare sheets next to the bed so he could change them after he sweat through them.

I am scared for him. This morning at six he told me he was having pain on the right side of his chest. It hurt so much he couldn’t lie down flat. His blood pressure was so low he felt dizzy. We got him in to see a doctor first thing this morning and they ran an EKG.

His heart is okay, but he might have viral pneumonia. The low blood pressure came from losing too much fluid to the fever. He’s on bed rest and both of us are disgusted with being so ill for so long. Since we sent Liev to KinderCare, we have been sick, sick and sick. We discussed removing him from the program for the 1,000th time.

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