Farewell Tanya!

Egor’s mom is on her way home after a very pleasant visit. We are so grateful to her for all her help while I was so sick. It was wonderful that she got to visit with her friends for a week. I think the change of scenery was refreshing for her!

I think this visit went well, oddly because of the sickness.  Tanya had something concrete to do and I was too sick and exhausted to clash over Liev stuff.  And when I was better and she was ill, I spent my time fussing over her, which always seems to boost her spirits.
Liev has been a little devil, especially since my illness. I speculate that it distressed him greatly when I was wiped out in bed and not taking care of him. Some firm limit setting should help. Plus, I think that he is giving up his afternoon nap and is in that awful cranky place where a nap is too much sleep (jumping up and down until 9:30 pm), and no nap is too little (fussy britches from 4:30 on). Eh, motherhood!

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