>Happy Birthday, Here’s Your Influenza A (H1) Virus…

>After taking care of our sick household for three days, poor Fontessa came down with the flu a day before her birthday. So Sad! But, as you can see she is much loved! Look at all these flowers!

Her friends sent her flowers last Monday, a sort of “thinking of you ” bouquet, which was inexplicably duplicated resulting in two lovely vases of flowers. And of course, the tulips arrived today. Tennisfiend and I added a modest bouquet of her favorite cyclamen, and viola! We could open a flowershop!

The good news is that Fontessa is feeling much better today. I was so worried for her since I was so incredibly sick. I even set up a baby monitor in her room so she could wake us if she got bad chills or body aches and needed help. Pffft! She was up and about looking pale but cheerful. Yay! Happy Birthday!

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