Happy Anniversary, Here’s Your Influenza A (H1) Virus…

Egor and I have been married for fourteen happy years. We celebrated our special day with matching mentholated tissue boxes, Advil Liqi-caps, Tylenol, and Ramantidine.  This has been the worst year evah for getting sick!!!

Naturally, it started off with Liev becoming ill over the weekend. I ironically boasted to mom we were over the illness hump Saturday.  On cue, his nose started running. The fussiness began on Sunday. I assumed the whole mess was cold number 13 from daycare. Wrong!!!

Monday night my nose started prickling. I still had the sniffles the next morning at seven,  but I felt okay. Then, BAM! Within three hours, I was dying. Strong, strong muscle aches, nausea, headache, cough, you name it. I had to lay down and let Tanya take over with Liev. To add drama to the situation, as I settled Liev down for his afternoon nap, Tanya slipped and fell down the bottom half of the stairs.

Good Lord!!! Fortunately, she was embarrassed but unharmed. A relief to her, especially since she had and an immigration interview scheduled that afternoon.

When Egor left for work, he felt sickish. When he came home to take Tanya to her appointment at two, his face was ashen. The appointment ended in an instant, so he came straight home and went to bed. By six he had a temperature of 102.7.  The only well person in the house, Tanya took over like a champ. Thank heavens for that. Although Liev spent almost four hours asleep during his nap, his fever never passed 100.9, so no trip to the doctor. I helped when I could since poor sick babies want their Mamas! Well, anyway, Egor and I ate crackers and felt miserable together! Romantic!

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