Snow Again


Why do snowstorms always occur on Wednesdays?

Today’s prediction was for 5-8 inches. We got fourteen.  The snow started before dawn, fluffy sweet stuff, falling gently, like a Rankin/Bass Christmas movie.

At 10:30, I shoveled, and three more inches fell as I puffed away.

When I left to pick Liev up from preschool, snow wafted down in big white sheets. The roads were so blanketed as to be indiscernible from the landscape.

Am I grateful that preschool is within walking distance? You bet! Not that I’d walk.

Anyway, Liev fell asleep like an angel so I had plenty of time to shovel snow during his nap.  What work!  A third of the way through I called Egor and asked him to pick up a snowblower on the way home!

Actually, the problem isn’t the snow, which is rather pleasant to shovel, it’s the ice beneath. I slipped and slipped as I struggled to move the increasing bulk of snow out of the driveway. After working for almost an hour, a neighbor with a snowblower finished for me. Gratitude!  Especially since I was tired of shoving all the snow over to Egor’s side of the driveway!

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