Doubting Myself, A Parental Pastime


For the third day in a row, Liev skipped his nap. No trash can remained untipped. He fed the toilet hair ties, bobby pins, and wads of Charmin Ultra with Aloe. Each consequence and time out unleashed floods of tears. He shed additional tears begging for cookies and ice cream, disdaining every healthy option I offered.

I “No, no, no-ed!” all day long, feeling like the worst wicked stepmother.  Liev didn’t seem to feel unwell unless of course, his teeth troubled him. Perhaps he had too much energy and too little opportunity to burn it off? Or some change in our household undetected by me plagued his well-being?

A trip to helped. He looked like the happiest kid in the playground. What a relief. I have trouble understanding when to be firm and when to cut him some slack. I question myself every day.

Bottom line:

A. Cookies and ice cream are not food groups.

B. Boredom is the real evil.


During our challenging morning, Liev put on Grandma’s boots and stomped around. His pursuits are adorable! What caused our discord? How to get results without tears? I do not subscribe to authoritarian parenting or punishment. Big Brother will not be raising my child to conform or have time-outs in Room 101. There is a better, more natural way out there–consequences that his mind can grasp when he can grasp them.

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