Today Issss Monday, It’s 10:15…

I felt such a flood of relief when our SLP called to cancel today’s session. Since it was a holiday, she wanted to spend some time with her daughter. Hooray! We rescheduled for the second of February. I was so glad to not have to worry about cleaning the house (more) or getting the monster to take his afternoon nap.

So anyway, during naptime, the monster jumped up and down in his crib, saying, “Today issss Mondayyy. It’s 10:15.”  This was followed by, “Today issss Mondayyy. It’s 10:16.”  And so on until “Today issss Mondayyy. It’s 10:55,” when he started all over again with, “Today issss Mondayyy. It’s 10:15.” The funniest thing is that when he talks, he sounds like a foreigner with an odd accent. Sometimes I’d swear he was a tiny little Japanese busninessman, others that he’s a German tourist. How strange, he never sounds Russian.

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