Hole In The Floor

This morning Liev played post office with the return air floor registers. He’d drop a letter through the grate, say “Uh oh!” and retrieve it by removing the register. As I chatted with Egor’s mom in the kitchen, I heard a startled “Wahhh!” Liev had fallen through the register hole and partially into the basement below!!!

Can you believe that the bottom of the register was supported only by a flimsy piece of tacked up insulation?! Gasp!! The only thing that prevented Liev from smashing into the concrete floor twelve feet below was his stout backside (yay me, he inherited my big butt!)  Anyway, I was astonished, since I assumed that floor registers should be screwed into the floorboards or firmly secured from underneath. What home would sport huge holes in the floor that a baby could fall through?!


In forty minutes, I had a half-assed solution–I screwed in wood panels beneath all the baby-sized registers on the first floor. Problem was, I only had a single piece of 2×4 to tie into at each register, leaving everything else supported by an odd assortment of screws, nails and wood slivers.  Despite my hard work, Liev was so stimulated by his first fall that the registers were the most exciting things in the house. I wound up moving heavy furniture over the registers until we could rig up something better.

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