From Russia with Love

Tanya arrived from Moscow for a six week visit! I spent the better part of the day cleaning and straightening up, as anyone could predict. I sent the squirmy guy for a day at preschool so he can spend tomorrow morning with Baba. Naturally, I wanted to get him excited over the visit so I showed him some old pictures of Tanya and chanted, “Baba is coming! Baba is coming!!!” End result? At 9:00 this evening he was jumping up and down in his crib yelling, “Ba-Ba! Ba-Ba! Ba-Baaaa!” Little Maniac!

Another ice storm is predicted for tonight, although it won’t hit till 2am or so. I fretfully checked the weather and flight status info until I got the “We’re on our way home” call from E. Poor Tanya arrived with no luggage, since her flight was delayed in Moscow and her bags didn’t make the connecting flight in Zurich. Although TF told me this on the phone, I didn’t think to fetch her some clothing until after she’d been here for a half an hour.  I frantically searched through my stuff for something for her to wear that wasn’t to monstrously huge. I’m a sturdy,  tall woman and Tanya is as petite and slight as a bird. I found some lounge wear, but was sort of like Stimpy dressing Renn in his worn sweats.

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