Old House 2It’s been almost a year to the day since we put our house on the market, but we finally sold it! The deal congealed just as we coprf with the ice storm and power outage here. With our basement flooding and no power, the last thing we were thinking of was our sweet old place in New Mexico!!

Sure, we’ve had more than a few “buyers” who were “very interested,” but nothing ever came of it.

So when our realtor called to say we had buyers, we said, “Sure” and went back to airing out our sodden quilts. Our new buyers loved our little home and took it at the listed price, minus a few repairs. Yay!!! It feels so unreal. What a huge relief it is to not worry about extra bills, maintenance, the pool freezing or tornadoes!

We won’t see any money for a few weeks but we have plans to fund a little project in the basement anyway. After the flooding that floated twenty cardboard boxes, three wooden book shelves and several boxes of clothes around in circles in the basement, we decided to move wooden furniture upstairs into my “office” (my office being the partially finished and very cold room above the garage) and everything else onto shelves or waterproof boxes. Yay, Rubbermaid! It would be nice to have a mini-Ikea shopping spree and replace some of our sad Closet-maid storage that has been doubling for furnishings, but it might not work out that way. I think we’ll finish painting the kitchen and living room first! Yay!!!

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