Minus 5!!!

Holy Crap! This morning it was minus five degrees!!! I don’t think I have ever experienced such cold! When I dropped Tyoma off at preschool today I could feel my nose hairs freezing. The air felt dry, brittle.  My jacket crinkled and crunched when I stepped outside. Lord.

Brrrr! Spent the rest of the morning shopping at Sam’s and Market Basket (NH’s Albertson’s, but with better prices and service). Wrapped Tyoma’s Christmas presents: Moonsand, play dough, plastic letters and numbers. E and I already exchanged gifts: I got him a generator and firewood. He bought me a dozen D batteries, two flashlights, twelve canisters of propane and 50 feet of extension cord. How romantic!!!! For our anniversary we plan to gift each other with voltage inverter and car batteries. 🙂

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