>December Icestorm 2008

>I imagine that this date will go down in record books for the power outages associated with it. I am legitimately writing this entry late, since our power went out for one entire week! I’ve got a good deal to write, and I’m trying not to get too busy or too sick to get it all online, so, I’ll post in chunks. First, of course, the pictures I snapped Friday morning. I took them on a whim, not realizing the extent of the damage to New Hampshire.
December ice storm 1One of the trees on our property that went down overnight. E chopped it up for firewood. It’s difficult to see, but many grass blades are sheathed in ice.

December Ice Storm 2
Our larger trees in the backyard, ice covered and a little bit creaky. I later discovered that it only takes a half inch of ice accumulation on branches/foliage to bring down a tree. The one that wiped out our power lines was about the size of the pine tree in the middle.

December Ice Storm 6 December Ice Storm 5 The beauty of an ice storm deceives. I always thought that storms that caused major outages required mountains of snow. Everything looked like a fairyland this morning. You’d never realize how damaging it was until you moved away from the house–branches strewn everywhere, trees bent over or snapped in half, bushes completely collapsed–many roads were impassible.

December Ice Storm 7 I reget that I didn’t take more pictures of the neighborhood debris. Lawns were littered with dozens of clumps of pine branches like this. We could have made a good sized Christmas tree from all the ones on our property.

December Ice Storm 8 A shot of the thicket behind our house. If anyone had to crunch through this stuff to fix a line, they’d have some very hard work ahead of them.

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