This is too odd and I swear to you that Liev spelled this all on his own!!!

Here’s what happened: I washed Liev’s hair today, the first time in probably two months. He screams bloody murder when I shampoo him, so why make life miserable for both of us? Since the whole PDD-NOS thing has cropped up, I’m glad to find a slew of moms online with similarly wired children.

Anyway, he wailed and shook and clawed at me as I washed his hair. Afterward, I brought out his foamy alphabet letters and a piece of candy as a reward. He immediately spelled “DIE.” I snapped this picture before he had a chance to spell out “VILE SHAMPOOING MAMA.”

ETA:  This only gets funnier: my mom saw this picture and freaked.  She called me and told me I should just leave his hair alone.  She also asked in all earnestness, “Do you think he knew what it meant?”  I had to laugh and talk her out of the notion that my son wants to kill me for washing his hair. She was completely serious!

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