Starting to Spell

Spelling Lesson It’s been a few weeks since Tyoma started spelling, but I finally managed to take a picture.

He can spell about 10-15 words and he can read at least twice as many. Tyoma started to read over the summer before his birthday. In fact, he could probably read before he could speak.  Weird.

His speech therapist is skeptical. She says he does not understand what he reads.  I disagree. He knows what “open” means and how it is spelled. He also understands the association between the written words for colors and the colors themselves.

Everywhere we go, Tyoma picks out words.  I drive to the store and he points out the open signs.  What an odd world he must perceive.  All this text, numbers, letters around him.  I wonder if he searches for meaning or if he just files away the information into his memory?

Mom sent links for hyperlexia.  I see so much in T, but then there is a disconnect.  He does so well at home, with people he trusts and random people at the store but he can have an unaccountable aversion to some folks.

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