Speech Therapy

Tyoma’s Progress
Tyoma has been feeling well for the past few weeks, although he has been coping with a change of staff at KinderCare. On Oct 31, one of Tyoma’s teacher’s (his favorite!) was fired from her position. Although a staff member has filled her position, a few other temporary workers have rotated through the classroom—it was a chaotic week. He is adjusting to the situation, but I am uncertain if they have “settled” on a new girl. His meltdowns have practically vanished and are greatly reduced in intensity when they occur. 
  • Tyoma communicates some internal states to us. He now consistently indicates when he is cold—I’d say almost 100%. We’ve gotten some “eat-eat-eats” out of him when he’s at the table, although I’m relying on schedules to keep him fed/hydrated.
  • I have totally changed my focus regarding his speech—it’s now geared towards sharing and having conversations. This really works! He finishes sentences from his favorite books and songs and will answer some simple questions. I let him initiate conversations when we look at books or play. It’s generally a one or two “word” commentary.
  • He’s been spelling words like exit, start, six, and open with his alphabet letters for about a week. He can sight read from some of his simpler books.
  • His pronunciation of words remains about the same, with modest improvements, and nothing seems to improve it but time and repetition.
  • Tyoma is using the word “where” appropriately.
  • We started a gluten free/casein free diet Oct 31. We’ve noticed some improvements (25%) with his speech/play, but it could be incidental.
  • He’s spending less time “organizing” the alphabet/numbers and playing alone. He’ll play alone for 10-15 minutes during the day before seeking me out, usually to show me a letter/number/book. He still has 30-45 of imposed quiet time in the evening, but will knock on his door to cue companionship.
Friday, November 7th, I observed Tyoma in the playground for about 15 minutes. He spent most of the time running around by himself, or jogging by his peers without noticing them. Miss Ronda stated that this was fairly typical of him (70% time), although he does have “good” days when he runs along with his peers.
This Monday (10th), I had my first official parent/teacher conference at KinderCare. Although I speak to the staff at least once a week, it was good to have some focused time without distractions. On the top of the list of my concerns was Tyoma’s social behavior. During our meeting, she said Tyoma has a “friendship vibe going on” with a boy named Vinny. Tyoma will run with him often and shows a preference to being next to him.
When asked about his participation, she mentioned that he does not like loud music or to play with musical instruments—he will leave the area when these activities take place.  This was a surprise to me since I have never noticed sound aversions at home, but in his defense, the music at daycare is thunderously loud. Miss Ronda also said that Tyoma does not seem to “get” painting. He goes through the motions but does not “engage” like his peers. I have noticed similar problems at and I have a plan to get him more involved.
Miss Ronda said that Tyoma has made great progress in sitting with his peers during snacks/meals. He is cooperative and will remain seated while eating. He also joins in circle time and “seems interested” in what is going on although he does not usually sing/talk/dance like his peers. Miss Ronda made one significant comment, “He is very compassionate.” She elaborated by saying that he notices when a classmate is crying or upset and that he seems concerned. He does do anything but watch intently until the situation is resolved.

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