Irritation over Speech Therapy Provider

I started the day hustling Liev off to preschool, while Egor lounged in bed. Afterwards, the two of us took off for breakfast at our favorite coffee place, J Beaner’s. We ordered the apple pancakes, which turned out to incomparably delicious! The yeast raised pancakes, like crumpets in texture, were baked on top of luscious cinnamon apples. Beautiful to look at, delicately spiced with cinnamon (too much cinnamon=Big Red chewing gum) and best of all, theses pancakes were not overly sweet. Yummy!

Egor schmoozed me, asking about my dream kitchen and I rambled on for most of the meal. New paint, new dining set, hutch for Liev’s arts & crafts. Breakfast was so nice; we plan to bring Liev sometime.

We did a bit of browsing after, E searched for cross country skis and I hunted for school paste. Do you remember that sticky, sweetish smelling stuff, perfect for macaroni pictures? We plan to make Moses proud! (South Park joke)

My day took a turn when our speech therapist (Karen) called wanting to know if she could come over today instead of this coming Monday. I felt put out, but I said yes. I like to mentally prepare myself, type up notes for her and make the house sparkle (even more). But, why not get it over?

So, naptime was spent writing my report (I do this for Liev, so we have a good idea of his progress, especially since he has developmental issues). Anyway, the session went fine for about ten minutes. I believed we would have a productive session, since last time was such a success, but then the toys kept coming out of her bag, and she kept pressing him to talk. Liev shut down and turned into the hyper-monster. Session over. Well, not really over. We talked and talked about autism. Too much.

These sessions need to be all about Liev and not some diagnosis not yet confirmed! I need to remember this, too. I warned her she was over-stimulating him, but she seemed not to hear. He is wonderful with us and dreadful with her.

Fortunately, Egor came home at the peak. The three of us tried a game at her suggestion, which made everything worse. Our SLP said, “If only he would sit still and engage for 30 seconds!” Ack!!!

My hubby took psycho baby to the side of the room and gave him his alphabet. In less than five minutes he was calm and talking. In six minutes, he was spelling words. She about died watching him spell “open,” “six” and “star,” chatting all the while.

I could tell she felt bad, but I was vindicated.  I told her, “The moment Liev ran off into the other room, you lost him.” Sigh.

For the twentieth time, I debated firing our SLP and replacing her with the SLP I met last week (Cheri). Egor suggested that we be calm and give her another chance—she sincerely cares about our son and does try hard.  Meanwhile, we have a session (not speech therapy) scheduled for December with the other SLP, if she connects, we have a new therapist. If not, hmmmm…

Until then, I will take over the sessions, and squeeze the appropriate therapy from Karen, especially when it looks like Liev is getting alienated. Egor thinks our SLP doesn’t seem to understand what she’s doing wrong and won’t change unless I teach her another way. This makes sense, the session I “took over” last time was fantastic; I guess expecting her to remember and implement my (brilliant! J) approach was too much.

So, now I am the self-appointed ambassador for my son and his SLP. It’s awkward, because I should be looking to her for the tools to reach and teach my boy. But I’m up to it. This probably won’t be the first time I “work with the system,” so I will take it as an enormous learning opportunity. I secretly hope that a miracle will occur with Cheri, it would take a load off.

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