>OMG!!! Blurry Turkeys!!!

Wildlife is awesome! While feeding Tyoma his late afternoon snack, movement in the backyard caught my eye. A flock of turkeys! Yay! Ten birds milled about the backyard. At first, I thought they were peacocks (go figure!), but on closer observation, they were way too goony. I dashed up the stairs and took some stills reminiscent of bigfoot footage. Yay, turkeys!!!

The first part of my day was taken up by a dental appointment. I dread the dentist, especially a new one, but this guy was really personable. He was one those guys who looks good with a shaved head and goatee–and he didn’t even have a biker vibe! He looked so familiar to me, but I just couldn’t place him. As I left the office, I realized he looked just like Terry O’ Quinn from Lost. Not that I watch Lost. I remembered him from the Stepfather movies. Whoa, ’80s flashback!

The rest of the day I felt wrung out, I stressed over the dentist appointment unnecessarily and was thus over-relieved and tired. Sure, I need to floss more often, I need a shield for tooth grinding and I only gagged three times out of  18 tooth x-rays. What was the worry? Probably the idea of being scrutinized by yet another medical person. Tyoma’s docs and therapists are quite enough. Tomorrow Tennisfiend has a day off work, so we will do fun stuff. Yay!

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