Target Verbs

Target Verbs
Eat        Sleep        Shake     Touch     Sit
Read     Smile        Play        Draw      Crawl
Drink     Jump        Kick        Pet         Walk
Clap      Bounce     Brush      Hug        Tickle
Lick       Paint         Pull         Wiggle    Roll
WhisperChew        Go          Run        Open
Peel      Fly           Write      Turn       Wave
Smell     Close        Cry         Lift         Bang
Target Nouns
Nose     Eyes         Ears        Cheeks   Chin
Mouth    Teeth        Tongue   Feet       Hands
Giraffe   Fingers      Tub        Crayon    Monkey       Clown
Bicycle   Penguin     Girl         Candy     Pizza   Table
Tractor  Dress        Toes       Merry Go RoundPuzzle        Hippo
VacuumButton      Boy        Ice creamTree   
Motorcycle            Egg        Watermelon      Sweater     Woman
            Potty        Pajamas  UmbrellaCarrots        Mouse
Tummy  Turtle       Sand       Glasses   Man    Tiger
AlligatorJuice         Frog       Rollerskates       Hair  
Lion       Bird          Feet        Bib         Balloon        Apple
Truck    Blocks       Bowl       Boat       Elephant      Key
Doll       Horse       Stroller    Hand      Clock  Blanket
Drum     Bear         Swing     Hat         Hammer     
Train         Pig            Dog           Nose         Mouth           Shoes
Plane         Cow          Cat            Ear            Eyes             Bus
Ball           Bottle        Book         Cup           Car              Flower
Baby         Banana      Spoon        Fire truck   Teddy bear
Rabbit        Broom       Bulldozer    Comb        Slide             Shirt
Fish           Cookie       Bubbles      Duck         Brush           Phone
Wagon       Water        Tricycle      Pants         Squirrel         Legs
chair         Boots         Helicopter  Arm          Orange

These are the words that I have chosen to help Liev say.

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