What better way to spend a Sunday than with a toddler with pinkeye? Oh, wait! Get pinkeye, too!

Yep, the wee one woke up with a bloodshot, crusty left eye. It looked mild enough that I debated about making a big fuss with the Doctor but worry (naturally!) prevailed. Back in New Mexico, you could call an answering service, and a nurse would phone in a prescription for you. Out here, folks are particular, and you must be SEEN!

So Liev skipped his nap, and we spent the afternoon waiting with the other unfortunates at Nashua Pediatrics. I kept him on my lap with much effort; I didn’t want him to single-handedly infect greater Nashua by smearing his fingers on every inviting surface. The Doctor saw him and prescribed two bottles of eye drops. She asked me if I’d ever given a toddler eye drops before. Soberly, I replied, “No.” She laughed, gave me a wise sidelong glance, and gave me a few strategies to get the drops in. Heh.

Well, I dropped off the prescription and did tomorrow’s shopping (can’t bring the infectious one out for 24 hours) and braced myself for the eye dropping ceremony. Egor held Liev as he screamed bloody murder, and I tried to get the drops in his eyes. It was like trying to tattoo a cat. Good Lord!!! Such straining, struggling, and shrieking–and that was just Egor yelling at me to “Put the drops in, already!” After four frustrating minutes, we traded places. I held Liev down and cursed at Egor while he tried to get the drops in. Success! My curses were much more effective than his.

After all the excitement, my eyes itched. And so did Egor’s. Thank you, Doctor, for giving us two bottles of eyedrops!

ETA: Pardon me for adding pictures of the boys doing yard work together! I took these in the morning before I convinced myself that he had pinkeye.

In the bottom picture, Liev is so serious about clearing the yard of debris that he’s pulling up handfuls of grass to add to the trash!

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