Hideous Green

hideous greenSo, a few weeks ago I picked up a sample of the green paint that would transform our kitchen into a tranquil oasis for cooking and dining. Foolishly, I primed the sample area with a paintbrush, not realizing that I put the primer on a bit thick. Result: the wall looked like a vertical karesansui garden.

I sanded it before painting with the green, but the underlying texture came through, nevertheless. Not that it mattered, the green totally did not work. Despite my careful color selection, it still looks hospital green. Would you like some appendix with your gazpacho?

In the photo, Egor sands the bumpy primer (you can’t see his scowl from this angle) so we can begin again. Heh. Anyway, we ordered four new paint samples online, using some suggestions from Papa Sasha plus our own eyeballs.

We picked out a lovely pale greenish-yellow which works very well. I didn’t dare paint the wall again, so I painted scrap wood and we chose the one that looked best. The new color had better work! I’m going to have a Yellow Wallpaper* moment if we have to stick with this yellow!


*One of my favorite short stories!

1899 edition cover

Yellowwp med“. Licensed under PD-US via Wikipedia.

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