>Happy Halloween!!!


How’s this for a jack’ o lantern? I wondered what odd little child put this pumpkin picture together when I saw it posted across the hall at the preschool.
Spooky, ain’t it?

In response to his jumbled creation, Tennisfiend commented that Tyoma would clearly have no idea how to put a pumpkin face together since he’d never seen one before. I reminded him that Tyoma has been playing with the plastic jack’ o lantern on the kitchen table for most of this month. The truth is, our lil’ prodigy has a plan. He was clearly inspired by Klee:

You might think that his pumpkin is an homage to Picasso, due to the distorted facial features, but Tyoma is a student of  Expressionism and he favors Klee’s color tonalities. 

Coming soon: I justify Tyoma’s restricted speech at daycare as “performance art!”

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