Hi, 62!

For about a week now, Liev has been greeting numbers with a small, friendly wave and a cheerful “Hi!” I sigh and grimace every time I hear it. I used to relish his odd little moments, finding his eccentricity charming–now I shudder. Every quirk makes me wonder if the Autism Spectrum Police are going to break down the door and haul my son off to a Neurotypical Re-education Camp.
As I cleaned up from breakfast today, I had the Weather Channel on in the background. Murmuring forecasters are more comforting than CNN’s shouted headlines. Like the song of a cheerful bird, the mindless tinkly jazz that erupts when the Local on the 8’s plays lifts my spirits. “Hooray! The weather forecast!” I think! “How nice to know what to expect!” Liev adores the Local on the 8’s, too, since the big and bold numbers flash across the screen importantly.
When the afternoon edition of the 8’s popped up, Liev hustled over to the TV and stood transfixed. The buttery voiced announcer stated, “Sunny, today with some cloudy intervals. High 62…” Liev perked up. “Hi! Sigzdee-too!!!” He tapped the 62 on the TV screen and waved. “Hi, Sigzdee-too!” I laughed. So that’s why he’s been greeting numbers, he’s joining the announcer in wishing them a good day!
It’s still odd and the Autism Spectrum Police are probably around the corner nonetheless, but his little greeting seems less inexplicable and certainly very funny.

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