Speech Therapy

Liev’s Progress
·        Liev consistently uses about 50 words each day. He continues to add new words quickly and has been learning positional adjectives, exclamations and more verbs.
·        Although he has successfully said a few words with multiple syllables, his frequency of correct pronunciation has dropped off.  
·        Liev is beginning to understand more personal pronouns such as “me,” and “mine,” but he uses them infrequently. He seems to be a bit confused between “your” (as in “Show me your nose.”) and “my” (“Show me my nose.”).
·        He uses two-word combinations several times a day and has even said “I want that!” a few times.
·        Liev’s pronunciation is about the same—some improvement on his more familiar words while about 25-30% of his regular speech could be understood by a stranger.
·        While looking at books, Liev has started talking to himself, naming objects in the book and even describing simple activities taking place. As I read to him, he continues his descriptions and is delighted to count and make animal/vehicle noises.
·        Liev is grasping the concept of time. He can ask for five more minutes of a favorite activity and understand that storytime is for thirty minutes.
Things have leveled off speech-wise for Liev the past two weeks.  Although he has not made any extraordinary language advancements, he has made tremendous progress socially at daycare. He is more cooperative, friendly and engaged than ever before. In fact, we have just upped his attendance by one day a week!  He has begun to play more imaginatively and creatively, adding more words in the process.  

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