Speech Therapy


Tyoma’s Progress

·        Tyoma consistently uses over 50 words each day. He speaks about 80-125 words regularly and seems to add new nouns and adjectives as quickly as you can teach him (over 10 a day).
·        Tyoma now uses “Bye” and “Hi” regularly with family, preschool members and neighbors.
·        New sounds include W and Wh. At last he says “want!”
·        He has been successfully saying a few words with multiple syllables. Generally, he either pronounces the first syllable correctly (not bothering with the rest of the word) or he utters the cadence correctly. However, he can intelligibly pronounce a few words like potato, pumpkin, carrot, and ice cream.
·        He uses two word combinations several times a day.
·        Tyoma’s  pronunciation has improved on some of his more familiar words. Nevertheless, about 25-30% of his regular speech could be understood by a stranger.
·        Tyoma can finally say the numbers 1-20, which he uses to name his flash cards. He also uses numbers to describe things, like “two cars” or “five” in referring to the number of times he wants to be swung in the air.

The biggest change in Tyoma the past few weeks has been the absence of “bad talking” days. Virtually every day he has a great deal to say and speaks spontaneously. His frustration level has dropped since he is able to request which books he wants read, which toys he wants to play with and which activities he wants to pursue. We no longer need to coax words out of him, although he can still be shy and not always intelligible. He has begun to play more imaginatively and creatively, adding more words in the process.  

 The day after the last therapy session, he was able to categorize objects by color in a game similar to the teddy bear cup exercise. He can easily categorize by color, shape, or function, but he is often quickly bored and prone to mischief. We have been regularly singing nursery rhymes to him. Although he does not join in the song, he genuinely enjoys the songs and will repeat words from the songs afterwards (E-I-E-I-O!).

Last week Tyoma’s Grandfather visited. Tyoma was not bothered by the switch to Russian (previously the switch distressed him). He not only understood Russian, but he spoke a few words and seemed very comfortable with both languages.

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