Speech Therapy

Liev’s Progress

·        Liev is saying up to 48 words each day.
·        He is adding 2-7 new words a day.
·        Liev will now spontaneously name/describe objects.
·        New sounds include a long I and O as well as the consonants F and J.  He can clearly pronounce the consonants sound B, D, G, H, K, M, N, P, S, T, Z, and ST. The vowels he can pronounce are short A, E, U, and Y. Emerging sounds are short I and R. He does not seem to be able to say L, Q, W, or X.
·        He is beginning to use adjectives like stinky, dirty, soft and fuzzy.
·        He has not been using many two word combinations; they crop up once every two or three days. 
·        Liev’s pronunciation is modestly improved. About 25-30% could be understood by a stranger.
Liev has really had a speech explosion this past week. Although every day is not a “talking” day, the frequency of his words has picked up so much, it’s difficult to keep track of. We continue to follow recommendations for therapy and have been taking him out for stimulating activities daily. He still has his binky around bedtime and for brief periods (10 minutes here and there) during the day, but he is becoming less attached. He is less reluctant to give it up and permits his teachers at preschool to take it from him.

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