My Speech Therapy Report

Liev’s Progress

·        Liev is saying 15-20 words each day.
·        He is adding one-two new words a day.
·        He uses the words more, help, draw, bath and enough consistently to get his needs met.
·        Sunday the 25th he used his first two-word combination, “help pop” to get me to blow bubbles for him. Monday he said “more draw.”
·        Friday the 22-Sunday 25 he named the letters of the alphabet clearly and correctly.
·        Overall, his pronunciation has drastically improved. His words are finally becoming clear enough that a stranger could understand them.
We’ve followed your recommendations for therapy play and oral motor exercises, although he still has his binky around bedtime and for brief periods (10 minutes here and there) during the day.
Here are a few target words we are working on:
Want           Hungry                  Sleepy                            Hurt
Open           Close                    Mine                     Bye-Bye
We could really use some suggestions for teaching two words in particular–want and hungry.
He uses the words “more” and “help” plus his usual gestures and vocalizations get the idea of want across. What to do?
We are having a hard time getting the concept of hungry across. I almost suspect that he does not recognize being hungry until he is already in meltdown mode, which makes teaching the word even more difficult. I’ve had moderate success getting him to say the word, but not to use it appropriately. Suggestions?

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