Daycare For Liev

I quit my job to raise my child at home, to nurture him with games, stories, and loving attention. We made personal and financial sacrifices to accomplish this. And now I am sending him to daycare. I am torn, but I must do the right thing for him.

Our speech and language therapist told us we must integrate him with other children to help him speak. Four hours every day he is to attend a local branch of a daycare franchise. With much trepidation, we have enrolled him for four hours three times a week.

I remember being a caretaker for two children who spent five hours a day at a large daycare in New Mexico. The workers were inconsistently trained, but not incompetent. Their mother worked not out of necessity but for her career. Her children seemed only to check in at home to sleep. The balance of their time was at my house or at institutions—school and daycare.

I will never make this choice, but I will tolerate a few hours of daycare for Live’s welfare.

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